Mini sessions.

If you've booked a "mini" session these sessions are immediate family only. Extended family sessions are an additional cost and must be arranged and agreed to prior to booking. 2 spots will need to be booked for anyone outside of immediate family. If you choose to bring anyone outside of your immediate family without notifying the photographer, an additional session fee will be invoiced to you and Images will not be produced until all invoices are paid in full. 

Mini session dates are very limited and HWhaley Photography makes no guarantee that it will be able to provide available dates for any rescheduled sessions. It is strongly encouraged to keep your scheduled session date unless weather permitted or illness occurs.

If you need to reschedule, HWP cannot guarantee that there will be available time for reschedule. In the event of a reschedule for "mini sessions" you must notify photographer within 24 hours of your scheduled time, otherwise it will be considered a no show. Same day cancellations and no shows result in immediate forfeiture of a reschedule. HWP holds the right to refuse future services to those that cancel or no show their scheduled session. Please understand that mini sessions are specific dates ONLY.  If contact to HWP is made to reschedule within 24 hours of your scheduled mini, HWP will do its best to reschedule you within 5 days of original scheduled mini.  If there is no available date/time for either party then pricing to reschedule outside of the 5 days will convert to regular session pricing. If you choose to reschedule a spot outside of the 5 day window, another $100 retainer will need to be paid. There are no exceptions.